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The best memories are those made with family and friends. Treasure what is most important in life. It is not what you have but who you share it with.

We can help preserve your memories with a

custom designed photobook.


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 The making of a FlipBook at a nighttime backyard event: 

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Fun FlipBook booth at night event
1.Booth set up with props and white background at night
FlipBook Booth set up
2. Videos are sent wireless to printer and cutter 
FlipBook Overlays and background
3. Add a Green Screen and be anywhere you want....
4. a Vegas style boxing ring
FlipBook Booth Green Screen

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FlipBook green screen
5. Have a little fun - 7 seconds video time to be exact, then ..... to the printer
Printing a FlipBook
FlipBook Cutter
FlipBook cutter
7. The prints are sent through a cutter
FlipBook Picture
8. And within 90 seconds your very own FlipBook is born!

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Check out some of our Fun FlipBook videos!

Your event's name can be added to the bottom of your FlipBooks,

Custom covers are also available!

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