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Fun FlipBook Video Booths:

Small events or parties,  

10-20 guests  $5.00 per book, (minimum 10 FlipBooks)

 21-40 guests $5.00 per book (minimum 21 FlipBooks)

Large events (i.e. Proms, corporate events, wedding receptions) 

are charged by the hour, ranging from $550.00 for 2 hours, (two hour minimum),

$750 for 3 hours and $1150 for 4 hours.
Includes as many FlipBooks as can be produced during your event - no preset number! 
We save all videos - in the event time runs out, books can be produced in our office and
mailed after the event

Call us for pricing details or to discuss any special requests  

ALSO: Available for Fundraising events, school carnivals and street fairs. Attendees pay a price on a per book basis and profits are donated to cause. 

All pricing includes Staff, Props, Lighted pop-up booth (decorated to match your event), variety of back grounds and overlays, Custom covers for your FlipBooks and FUN. You provide a 10' x 10' space - indoor or outdoors (weather permitting) and access to power. We are fully insured and committed to a fun, safe and memorable party experience.                                                                                                       Back to FlipBooks                                                                   






Custom Designed Photobooks costs differ based on size, number of pages and type of book chosen. Books range between $75 and $1200. Call us to arrange a consultation so we can help you select a type and style within your price range. We will customize your Photobook to best highlight your your event, a book uniquely yours.


**We do accept PayPal, Debit and most credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover)

You are welcome to call us Monday through Saturday 8am to 6pm. If we are not in the office or unable to answer your call, you will be transferred directly to our personal cell.   Leave a message for Pam or Kathleene and we will return your call within 24 hours.


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