Privacy Policy

All Life's Memories, LLC wants all our customers to be informed about how we collect and use their information. Please read the following carefully!

All Life's Memories uses third parties to assist us in different aspects of our business:

Our website is built on the platform who uses both Session (Transient) and Persistent (Stored or Permanent) cookies to assist users in navigation, user authentication, default language, in understanding users' preferences, and browsing patterns. See their full Privacy Policy here:

We also use third party applications to enhance your experience while on our website. These third party applications allow us to provide you with animations, such as our sample photobook, and videos. 


Do Not


Our website uses to provide the book animations and their privacy notice can be found here: 

All Life's Memories uses iPlayer video hosting for some of the videos on our website. You can find their privacy notice here:

At this time, we do not collect or accept payments through our website. Our platform for accepting payments is through PayPal who accepts and records transactions via cash, check and most major credit cards. PayPal's complete Privacy Statement can be found here:

All Life's Memories uses Google Analytics to assist us with understanding how, when and by whom our website is found, accessed and seen. This helps us to make adjustments that make our website more relevant, user friendly and easier to find.

Any information we gather aside from the website is used inside the company only to facilitate scheduling, payments, communication, event location, record keeping and customer follow ups. Our company uses computers with firewalls and antiviral software to secure any information stored to the best of our ability. Your financial information will not be stored on our computer system (see PayPal above).


As customers are welcome to email us for any reason (other than to relay payment or financial information), those emails and contacts will be kept by All Life's Memories in our records. Our email system is through Gmail and is only as secure as Gmail affords, therefore we insist that no sensitive financial information be sent by email or any chat system.

We may use pictures from events on our website, Facebook or Instagram page. We may post a public thank you for inviting us to your event on one or all of these sites unless you expressly ask us not to do so. We will not post pictures or names of minors under 18 years of age without express permission by their parents or legal guardian.

Our customers' privacy is important to us and we want our customers to feel comfortable with how their information is stored and used. We absolutely will not sell our customer information to outside parties.


If you have questions about this policy, or how we use your information, please contact All Life's Memories at 813-662-4064